Canada Talks Electric Cars Webinar Episode #27 - "EV Affordability in Canada and Our Need for a National ZEV Mandate"

  • 2022-08-02
  • 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Online


Canada Talks Electric Cars Webinar

Canada Talks Electric Cars Webinar Episode #27 - "Affordability in Canada and Our Need for a National ZEV Mandate"

Tuesday August 2nd, 2022 - 7:30PM EST - Registration Link Below

With gas prices topping $2L in many provinces, Canadians are switching to EVs in record numbers to save money on fuel. But just how affordable and available are electric cars? 

Register to hear from Daniel Breton, President of Electric Mobility Canada and Joanna Kyriazis, Program Manager at Clean Energy Canada  

Joanna and Daniel will walk us through the true costs of owning an EV, how Canadians can save tens of thousands of dollars by going electric, and why we need a national ZEV mandate to ensure EV supply can keep up with demand and ensure that Canadians across the country can access a broad range of electric makes and models. 

Joanna works to develop and advance policy solutions that address climate change while promoting clean growth, with a specific focus on clean transportation. Based in Ottawa, she regularly connects with thought leaders, industry stakeholders, and policymakers at the federal level. Before joining Clean Energy Canada, Joanna worked as a management consultant helping businesses identify and manage climate change risks and opportunities. She also practiced as a lawyer advising governments and industry on climate change and energy law. 

Daniel Breton is President and CEO of Electric Mobility Canada, one of the oldest associations dedicated to the electrification of transportation in the world. This organization has more than 150 members, including electricity suppliers, light, medium, heavy-duty and off-road vehicle manufacturers, utilities, cities, universities, unions, technology companies, mining companies, research centers, government departments, environmental NGOs, electric vehicle owners' associations, fleet managers, etc. A former Quebec Minister of the Environment, Sustainable Development, Wildlife and Parks, he was the first elected official in charge of a government strategy for the electrification of transportation in Canada in 2012. He graduated in sustainable carbon management and has written several books on the subject of transportation electrification, climate change, air pollution and energy transition since 2009. 

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