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Back up power and your ev charging

  • 2020-11-28 5:38 AM
    Message # 9391101

    Hello all, are you are contemplating a back up gen for your home or business? Make sure you relay to the generator dealer you have an EV........if they don’t specifically ask about EV charging now or in future.

    Having a level 2 charger for your Ev can demand up to 7kw in many cases. You need to allow for this and also the potential electrical “noise” that any charging system can create and disrupt your generators ability. We see this in off grid homes or with commercial UPS systems. 

    The  obvious solution is to upsize the gen accordingly, but if you have a gen and later added an EV there is a fix.  A load management or load shedding system can be added later. This will automatically remove high loads like your EV when the generator is risking over load and automatically reconnect if the generator capacity has freed up, say after hours when you have retired for the evening. 

    Cheers, Helm Klein, Geco Industries  

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