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We developed a charger. Please advise

  • 2020-06-19 7:22 AM
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    Dear Friends,

    My name is Ellina. I represent a group of engineers who invented chRget — a universal EV charger with 32 plug adapters and the software that can change charging parameters in real time.

    Could you please take a look at our prototype? What do you think could be added to it? What functions or properties should be in the ideal EV charger? Your answers would really help us make our prototype better.

    Few days ago we launched a Kickstarter campaign:

    We invite you to become our backer and will be very grateful for spreading a word about our charger on social media to help us reach our goal.

    Our charger features 32 adapters to any power outlet in the world. They are plugged directly onto the main body. Our customers select themselves, which of these adapters they need.

    chRget uses geolocation and automatically sets optimal charging parameters according to each country's voltage, frequency and other properties.

    chRget automatically adjusts the power if the voltage is not stable. It also lowers the power in case the circuit is overheated, to prevent damages of wiring.
    On top of that it has other great features in mobile app, ergonomic design, and allows for charging two or more EVs simultaneously and safely.

    By the way, our startup was selected to provide technical support to the Electric Marathon 2020 Star Race, which starts at Expo Dubai and finishes in Monte Carlo.
    Please share with us your thoughts and support us on Kickstarter page

    Best regards,

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  • 2021-08-16 11:20 PM
    Reply # 10936114 on 9047214

    Please don’t send everyone 32 adapters. I hate the waste when my Amazon items arrive with adapters that I never use. 

    In North America realistically a 15A and 2 x 50A (3 & 4 prongs) adapters are sufficient. 

    I’ve gone EV for the environment so I’d like to reduce waste. But that may just be me. 

  • 2021-10-06 8:39 PM
    Reply # 11146148 on 9047214

    Wonder if it would be possible to engineer a cord end that could addapt to any plug and power volt/amp. Prongs that extend, retract and change shape (multiple smaller prongs that can shift to form new prong shapes).

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