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  • 2019-08-06 8:12 AM
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Use this forum to discuss topics and ask questions of other members.

    Forum rules:

    • Keep things civil and refrain from bad language.
    • Respect different points of view.
    • You are welcome to discuss and suggest businesses which help EV owners, but no ads or direct solicitations.
    • Keep discussions on topic (directly or indirectly EV related).
    • The forum administrators have the right to delete any message deemed inappropriate.
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  • 2019-12-15 8:41 AM
    Reply # 8285127 on 7813970

    How do I start a new chapter? I attend both Scarborough and Kawartha but I live in the middle and would like to start a new chapter for Durham region. What's my next step?

  • 2020-03-26 4:40 PM
    Reply # 8860983 on 7813970

    Hello Jake.  

    Happy to hear you are interested in an EVS chapter in your area.  In order to start a new chapter, I suggest you review the following (draft) document and then reach out to EVS President Wilf Steimle

    New EVS Chapter Guidelines & Introduction...

    1. Understand why the chapters exist

    2. Overview of EVS structure

    3. Expectations & commitment


    The creation of a local EVS chapter creates a forum for EV related discussion and the dissemination of relevant information within a community. Each chapter provides a friendly and accessible environment where the public is invited to participate in, or simply listen to, EV related discussion and activities.

    The overarching goal is to promote the adoption and understanding of electric mobility.


    The Electric Vehicle Society began as a provincial (Ontario) organization but is now growing on a national scale, connecting to both existing and newly formed groups of EV enthusiasts. The EVS is lead by its president and is guided by a board of directors. Each chapter has a lead member who is encouraged to operate with a great deal of autonomy, while respecting the purpose and goals of the organization.

    Full membership is encouraged and requires a nominal annual payment of $39 (currently $30), however meeting attendance is always free.

    Expectations & Commitment

    Chapter leads are expected to hold regular monthly meetings for 15 - 40 local members. Establishing a consistent date, time and meeting location is essential to building regular attendance. The lead is expected (with input and support from his/her members) to develop each monthly agenda.

    Meetings generally cover (but are not limited to) EV related news, developments, technologies and aim to include a monthly guest speaker on an EV topic of interest.

    Other specific expectations include:

    a. organizing 1 or 2 public events each year

    b. active engagement with city council to influence supportive policy

    c. regular outreach and membership drive activities to increase paid EVS membership

    d. Adherence to our EVS by-laws, policies, etc.

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