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charging at PetroCanada station

  • 2022-08-16 12:58 PM
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    This appears to be a rather stupid question on my part. I drive an Ioniq plugin hybrid so rarely need to charge the car away from home. I stopped at a PetroCanada station in Cobourg that offers chargers but the connections looked incompatible. I'm assuming they are level 3 chargers and I wouldn't be able to use them for charging my car. Is it possible for my car to be charged using a level 3 station? I'm assuming the answer is no! 

  • 2022-08-27 1:15 PM
    Reply # 12898230 on 12885522

    No question is ever stupid!  Unasked questions, however, do suffer from inducing ignorance.

    So, in general--and I think this applies to al models--plug-in hybrids do not permit direct current fast charging (DCFC), sometimes called super-charging or Level 3.  

    The reason may be that Level 1 and 2 chargers are "fast enough" to fill up the smaller 5-15kWh Li-ion batteries in these vehicles. Generally, all plug-ins can be charged to full overnight just from a 120V plug. It might take 2-3 hours at most to fully charge one from a Level 2 ((240V) charger.  It is both cheaper and less risky to the battery for plug-in hybrid manufacturers to offer only AC charging in these cars.  

    So, you are looking for only a J1772 plug connection to charge your car, and the Chademo and CCS plugs at DC fast chargers (DCFC) are larger and simply won't fit.  

  • 2022-08-28 1:52 PM
    Reply # 12898867 on 12885522

    Yes, most plug in hybrids can only use level 1 or 2 chargers.

    Only one exception at this time, that I know of is the 

    Mitsubishi Outlander.  It can charge at level 3 using CHAdeMo.

  • 2022-08-29 9:27 AM
    Reply # 12899495 on 12885522

    Thanks for both helpful replies. Cheers. 

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