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  • 2022-01-13 11:02 AM
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    Hi everyone,

    My wife and I recently purchased the 2022 Ioniq 5 preferred long range edition, which we are loving! 

    We always put winter tires on our cars and are looking at our options, the dealership got an estimate for us which we found expensive. We can save about $500 by going with a local tire distributor, but they are regular rims and tires, not ones specifically designed for EVs. The rims offered by the dealership are specifically low resistance for EVs, they are called EV01 by FAST. The tires I believe are designed for EVs as well, they are Gislaved brand.

    My question is, in people's experience, is it worth paying the extra money for tires and rims designed for EVs? Will some of the additional costs be offset by better mileage and/or increased life of the tires?

    Thank you,

    Trevor Rodie

    Caledon Chapter, EV Society

  • 2022-01-13 7:02 PM
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    There is lots of tire discussion here. Get our I5 on Tuesday. Setup same day with local tire shop. Personally did not worry about winter tire range loss. Less driving and slower driving in winter. All depends on your situation.


  • 2022-01-14 8:37 AM
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    I'm on my third EV since early 2013 and had winter tires on all of them. I never worried about EV specific tires for winter. I figured that there are much bigger factors that impact range in the winter anyway, and the most important factor is cold weather performance.

    I should mention that when I switch back from winter tires to EV specific summer tires in the spring, I haven't been able to specifically notice an improvement in efficiency/range. I'm sure there is one, but wind and weather seem to have more of an impact which makes it hard to tell.

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