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Suggestion for buisness concept that would greatly encourage the transition to EV

  • 2021-10-06 8:29 PM
    Message # 11146127

    Typing this put on my phone so excuse the lack of format.

    Just a thought I had. I don't follow the news or tech so i could be wrong, just floating the idea. Rather than developing public charging stations I think it would be more encouraging for consumers to have swap-able batteries. This would eliminate the inconvenience of charging time and range limitations. These swap stations could also be powered by solar power or the like as they are battery bank. This means they wouldn't rely on the grid (save maybe as a backup) which increases profit from the service. When batteries are faulty they can be swapped and serviced for no extra charge to the consumer, the cost of this would be made up for in the charge of the swap service. This would be a boon to the industry if consumers had such a form of lifetime warranty for the battery. The company could create and sell conversion kits and service partners to convert EVs to use their batteries. They could license business to house these swap stations. They can partner with local battery companies to service and refurbish faulty batteries. So yeah. Just some thoughts. Feel free to criticize or add to the idea.

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