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EV Insurance price poll

  • 2021-07-19 9:48 AM
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    Just curious what EVS members are paying for car insurance.

    How much are you paying for insurance annually on your EV?

    Are you using the EV Society Duliban Insurance program? Yes or no ?

    If not, who are you insured with?

    Everyone's buying a Tesla — but are they prepared to pay for the insurance?


  • 2021-07-20 8:55 AM
    Reply # 10763272 on 10761285

    Model Y LR with FSD. 
    We use TD bundled with house and $2 million umbrella liability. 
    I don’t have the insurance amount handy but it was only $50-100 more than our Volt insurance. 
    For us TD has always been cheapest. We both have it as education alumni. Also back in the early 2000s they were the only ones to take money off for taking defensive driving. 

  • 2021-07-31 11:39 PM
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    Oh the joys of owning 2 EVs!  BC has "nationalized" car insurance, so our basic insurance must be purchased from ICBC (Insurance Corporation of BC).  One can buy additional coverage elsewhere, but few do.  

    Well, one advantage of ICBC is that they recognize you cannot drive two cars at the same time, so your second car is insured at a significant discount.  I own a 2016 Chevy Spark and a 2014 Tesla Model S.  Guess which car is my second car?

    I pay annually $1250 for the Spark and just under $800 for the Tesla.  Mind you, I do not buy comprehensive coverage on either car.  If I break it, I fix it.  

  • 2021-08-01 7:18 PM
    Reply # 10788015 on 10761285

    Moved to Bc in Dec. 2019.

    I knew things would be more out here.

    Paid about $2200 first year and in 2020 it got a bit better.

    We got a rebate due to Covid-19 and less claims plus a drop in the rate promised by the province. Not sure if it will go way up again or not.

    That includes $5 million liability and collision, etc.   I was paying about $1100 in Ontario for the 2018 Model 3 LR and about $1000 for the 2018 Bolt we also had.  

  • 2021-08-02 11:37 AM
    Reply # 10789469 on 10761285

    2019 Bolt Premier. Paying ~$850 per year (2021-2022) to The Personal, including their Adjusto driver monitoring program (23% discount). 

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