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Lease the battery but buy the car

  • 2021-07-14 11:28 AM
    Message # 10750913


    (Ignore the headline)

    They are #5 in Vietnamese EV sales. 
    The plan is to sell the car but lease the battery. I think this is different from Neo which is addressing charging speed and immediate range requirements instead of buying the biggest battery one can afford for that annual trip. 

    Independent of this particular company what are your thoughts on this approach? 

    • Lowers sticker price
    • Address battery life anxiety 
    • Address battery health when buying used
    • Battery replacement cost no longer a consideration post warranty 
    • Makes it clearer that the battery will be reused or recycled because of the economic incentive to the leaser
    • Battery cradle to grave plan likely in place by the leaser
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